Student Handbook

Coal Ridge Middle School’s handbook is designed to ensure an understanding of our school’s operating principles and philosophy. We believe that students, parents, and teachers must share a common goal and have a common understanding of our mission.

Coal Ridge Middle School Student pledge:

  • Become part of the solution even if others won’t;
  • Eliminate bullying/taunting from my own behavior and encourage others to do the same;
  • Do my part to make my community a safe place by being more sensitive to others set the example of a caring individual;
  • Eliminate profanity from my language;
  • Not let my words or actions hurt others; 
  • Let an adult know of any dangerous situation

Coal Ridge Middle School staff pledge:

  • Provide curricula and instruction guided by specific and clearly stated standards;
  • Use data to drive all instructional decisions;
  • Ensure success for all students through comprehensive instructional strategies;
  • Provide a safe, nurturing, and healthy learning environment;
  • Hold all students and staff to the highest of educational and behavioral expectations

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