CRMS to add teachers due to growth

         We are excited to announce that due to increased enrollment and higher than projected student counts, Coal Ridge will be adding additional teachers to the staff. This will help reduce class sizes as well as provide more offerings for our students. We are going to add two teaching positions for our 6th grade team. One teacher will teach Language Arts and Social Studies and the other will teach Math and Science. These positions have been posted through our Human Resources Department. We plan on conducting interviews soon and getting those classes set up in the next couple of weeks. We will be hiring teachers that are just as passionate about teaching and learning as our current teachers. We know this type of transition can be tough on both students and teachers. We hope to make changes with minimal disruption, but know that student’s schedules will be affected. We believe in the end that the smaller classes will provide a better learning environment for all students.

         Another change that will be taking place sooner than later will affect 6th grade electives and 8th grade core classes. Mr. Flynn will be taking on all of the 8th grade science classes that Mr. Nedd was teaching. Mr. Nedd will become a full time technology teacher taking on all of the technology elective classes as well as adding some more options. This frees up Mrs. Karen Hoppis to be a full time Instructional Librarian, our Building Technology Contact, as well as managing all of the devices and resources we have including but not limited to: ipads, computer labs, mobile carts, library resources and more.

         We are excited to be a part of this growing and vibrant community. This does cause us to make changes throughout the year and we appreciate your continued support and understanding as we strive for the best experience for each and every student. 

Coal Ridge Middle School