School Overview

Coal Ridge Middle School offers traditional core classes that are rigorous and follow St. Vrain Valley School District’s curriculum guides. In addition to traditional classes, high level advanced core classes are offered in both Math and Language Arts.

These classes embrace curriculum and instruction that:

  • Provide opportunities for students to develop in-depth understanding
  • Develop an awareness of student’s own learning and thinking processes
  • Include student’s interests and passions
  • Provide choices for the learner around outcome products
  • Involve students in setting goals for their learning and assessing their progress toward those goals
  • Stretch the student’s level of knowledge and understanding; they must be willing to go past their “comfort zone”
  • Weave several district and state standards through engaging instruction that demands higher-level thinking

Coal Ridge also has a wide variety of student support programs for English Language Learners, students with Autism, students on Individualized Education Plans, as well as other classes to support students in reading, writing, and math.

Along with Core Classes, award winning elective choices include: Art, Physical Education, Applied Technology, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Choir, Orchestra, Guitar, Spanish, Yearbook, and Health.

School Leadership Team

Coal Ridge Middle School